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Digital Illustration Commissions

Terms & Conditions


Do not repost or reupload my artwork without permission, unless you own the character(s) portrayed.Do not redistribute for monetary gain or commercial use, claim as your own work, copy, trace, or edit my work. If you wish to purchase for commercial production, we can discuss those options.
However, doing the above without discussion or permission will cause legal repercussions.
You may not claim the art as your own work.My work, commissioned or personal, is NEVER to be used for any NFTs.You must be 18 years of age or older to enter this contract with me.I have the right to refuse a commission at any time.Complete the form and provide image references. Keep any descriptions and useful information short. You may suggest posing and small edits as necessary.
I will not take penalty for being unable to read your mind.

Payment & Process

Prices are in USD $ via Square (using provided email address) or using my NovaCandy page. Cashapp is available on request ONLY.Payment MUST be made upfront before I begin any work. We can discuss any payment plans to adjust to budget over USD$500
Any refunds will be deducted time spent once work has begun.
I, NovaCandy, retain the full rights to the images I create and can choose to promote and display. You are allowed to use the image in any personal use, but not for any commercial purposes.I will send you progress reports (WIPs) after each stage of the artwork for your review. Please make sure while providing your details, you give your references properly.
Once you've accepted, I will no longer make any major changes. Please review each step carefully. I will not rework a finished picture or accept major changes/additions to a picture that is already finalized.
You are welcome to leave the image in my hands for the surprise factor or artistic freedom. These are known as "Wing-Its".


Current Turnaround Time Frame: 12 hours per character without waiting for stage confirmations.
It doesn't take a long of time to finish an artwork, but that doesn't mean that I can work every day.
If you believe that you have been waiting an unreasonable amount of time or need to contact me, send me a message on where you submitted your order (Twitter, Ko-fi,, etc). I am more than happy to send out current WIPs to show all progress being made.
Finished works will be provided at full resolution. The original file (.clip or .psd) will not be provided.Sometimes, I may have artblocks. I may skip around and work on more than one work at a time. This helps to get a better result from me! Please be patient.
I am allowed to post other personal works or other commissions during that time, I haven't forgotten you.

Last Revised on June 1, 2021



Your Email Address: (invoice sent here for payments and communications)
Character Reference(s): (flat color images/screenshots only, a clear face is NEEDED)
Pose Ideas/Emote Suggestions: (what you want the character(s) to be doing- artistic freedoms/wing-its are allowed)
Commission Type: (your preferred style of commission I offer)
Fill out and send this form to me via any of the below methods or email me!
Thank you for taking a look!